Top 7 Health Benefits of Birth Control

Taking pills is the most popular method of preventing pregnancy. But family planning for not beneficial for hormonal birth control.

It is es estimated that out of 11.2 million American women who use the pill, almost 14% of them take it for non-contra captive reasons and other 58% percent of them take

Finally, the best type of birth control depends on multiple factors. And if you are thinking about making a contraceptive with, under-mention are seven benefits of being on the pill

Your Skin may clear up:
Studies show that about 14% of women take contraceptive pills to get rid of their ache. Because these pills love, the body’s levels of androgen, a hormone that produces oil on the skin. These pills might be a good option for women who want their skin clear.

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Your periods may get a lot less painful

About half of women get their period experience at least one or two days of pain. That why 31% of women take pills to get rid of menstrual cramps or pain. Dr. Chen explains that contraceptive pills decrease the number of Prostaglandins the body produces.

They may get more regular, too

A healthy woman might not get her period at the same date every month. The average cycle is 28 days, but anywhere between 24 to 31 is to be considered as normal. using the pill would make your period more Predictable.

lower your risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is the main cause of cancer deaths in united stats. According to the American cancer society, about 22000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016. Research shows that women who take the pills are less likely to become a victim of this deadly disease and the longer they use them the lesser the risks.

It could ease symptoms of endometriosis

A disease that occurs when the tissue that lines the uterus start growing outside is called Endometriosis. some women don’t have any symptoms, but others have lower back pain and stomach pain, and trouble getting pregnant. The birth control prevention pills would slow case the pain

It can reduce PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is hormonal disorder among women symptoms PCOS include excess hair on the chest, face, and back, as well as acne and weight gaining. Contraceptive pills regulate menstrual cycles, decrease hair growth and clear acne.

You might experience fewer migraines

About 50% of women experience migraines during their period. Because women may experience a drop in estrogen level during part of the menstrual cycle. Experts of the opinion that this risk may be even more higher when they take a contraceptive pill which contains estrogen and progesterone

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